Mortal Kombat : Trophies List

List of the trophies of upcoming fighting game

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Berserk2740d ago

Online trophies.............

FACTUAL evidence2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Yea...and combo challenges...I'll wait for a price drop lol.

GoldenGamer2740d ago

What a sad world we live in

swishersweets200312740d ago

getting a 10 hit combo is extremely easy. Pick the right character and link a combo with a xray.. online.. you telling me you have no skill whats so ever to beat a few rounds online.. c'mon..

mickross1232740d ago

I have a feeling I may not platinum this game :/
was never really good at MK, still love it though lol.

armorki2740d ago

because of online and combo trophies , I will wait for a price drop xD

HellzAssassin2740d ago

Are you serious? Just because of online and combo trophies? Haha, wow......

talltony2740d ago

man you easily boost any online trophies in fighting games.

Captain Qwark 92740d ago

Tough list but nice. It will be a challenge to platinum that's for sure. Just increases the value for me though as it will keep me playing longer.

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