PSA: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Invite Bug

For those that are having problems playing online with friends, there is a work-around until Gameloft patches the title.

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soundslike2929d ago

Missing key part: only start spamming X when you highlight your character or else you'll end up at the "create new character" menu.

Speakindatruth2929d ago

For a $10 [I'm PS+] Torchlight clone, (and I say that lightly since Torchlight is technically a Diablo clone, but the graphics are similar to Torchlight somewhat), I don't have much to complain about. The graphics are smooth and clear, the game plays well and runs indefinitely 90-120FPS with no spikes whatsoever. This is the ONLY problem with this game. Fix that and I'll be happy.

JohnnyMann4202929d ago

Yeah only problem that I know of too, but I also know that this definitely works. Found the fix online last week and I am glad someone posted for all to see.

lui7772929d ago

this bug fuckin sucks ,i hope the dev can release the patch on this week

shammgod2929d ago

I have had a great time so far with this game...haven't had this problem too much, but it has happened...hope a fix comes soon

kinetic1002928d ago

does this game support the Moves Nav Controller? I can't seem to get mine to work with it.