Imagining How Girls Play...Why Ubisoft Should Do Better

Bitch Magazine: When I was a wee sprite of a thing, I remember changing my idea of what I would be “when I grew up” frequently. I wanted to be a fisherman like my Papa and uncles at one point. I believe I spent some time thinking that being a firefighter sounded cool because the hose truck looked like fun. I am sure there may have been some time where I thought that baby-sitting or raising kittens might have been fun as a career choice. I never imagined my choices were limited, because no one ever told me they were. The Imagine line of games from Ubisoft, however, almost seems to be telling young girl gamers that they have limited wants, indeed.

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Warprincess1162834d ago

I kinda disagree with this article. These games were design for young girls. When these girls get older, they are not gonna want to be babysitters and fashion designers. Some might but most aren't.