In the Spotlight - Aya Brea ( writes:

"Slender, blonde and generally easy on the eyes, it’s no wonder Parasite Eve protagonist Aya Brea has resonated so profoundly with gamers since fluttering her eyelashes for the first time on PlayStation back in 1998. No stranger to tragedy, Brea had the misfortune of being involved in a horrific car crash when she was just five-years old, which claimed the life of her mother, Mariko, and sister Maya. Brea barely escaped with her own life. Subsequently, our tomboyish heroine was raised by her father, until she was old enough to fly the nest and trained to become an officer of the law, studying criminology at the University of Virginia."

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Inception2929d ago

I luv Aya Brea XD
but in 3rd birthday *SPOILER" she is not Aya...but Eve -_-
oh well, Eve is a clone of Aya so it's not too diffrent anyway...

kesvalk2928d ago

wrong, she is lightning from FFXIII, the roses thing, the special gunblade you can unlock on 3rd birthday, SE transformed aya on lightning...

Inception2928d ago

Hahahaha, lightning is aya brea descendant in the future. And she travel back in time to save her ancestor XD

Anyway i got Duodecim code in 3rd Birthday. But i don't have much time to try Duodecim. Is it good?