Nascar 2011 Patch On Its Way

TGH writes: Making what some consider to be the best NASCAR game ever wasn't quite good enough for Eutechnyx. NASCAR 2011: The Game will be recieving a patch in the near future that will not only correct present bugs, but improve the game as it stands now.

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Trackboss2796d ago

that's a lot of bug fixes, the game should run smoother now

MightyMark4272796d ago

Still need to get this game

bmb51502796d ago

That is a lot of fixes. Hopefully it makes the game better for the people who got it. For now I'll stick with NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, until Eutechnyx can perfect NASCAR racing.

dragon822796d ago

That is a nice list of fixes. Glad to see they are supporting the game after release.