Killzone 3’s Retro Map Pack

Killzone 3 has been out for a couple months now, and anyone who’s played the game should be well aware of the great downloadable opportunities already available. If you need a reminder, the first content made available was the Retro Map Pack: Reclaimed Territory, a duo of multiplayer maps taken from Killzone 2 and updated to suit the needs of Killzone 3 players. Once a bonus for those who preordered the game or bought the Helghast Edition, the Retro Map Pack is currently accessible to every player. Even more, new trophies are ripe for the picking, making the pack a must-play for Killzone 3 players.

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ultimate-remag2744d ago

killzone hasnt been out 2 months yet.. (couple of months smh...)

showtimefolks2744d ago

later in the year its COD,rage and resistance 3 along with BF3

so i am not surprised if any fps maker is on early dlc so they can get some extra money while their game is still hot

i play kz3 regularly while many say its not as good as kz2 my thing is they improved everything what else could they have done and for some weird reason i liked the story too only wished it was a bit longer

Jdub895O2744d ago

they could of left the community features from kz2....tsk tsk

blizzard_cool2744d ago

Actually I'm OK with this kind of the DLC. If it's content that wasn't taken out from the game, I'm cool with it.

You know who did DLC amazingly well? Criterion games.

showtimefolks2744d ago

i want them to do a street racing nfs title like underground but not that silly story

fOrlOnhOpe572744d ago

Love what GG have done to Blood Gracht. Stunning artwork and design.

mickross1232744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

DLC looks awesome, but I would prefer Radec Academy I had so much fun on it in KZ2, i can just imagine what GG would do with it hmmm... Maybe next time a retro and new map in one pack?? I can hope right lol

Off Topic. Cant wait for R3!!!

Rhezin2744d ago

YES! PYRRHUS RISE! Best map in K2 IMO. Second best..Bullet Train.