Two Worlds II Has Sold 2.5m – Expansion Pack Dated and Rated

RipTen: Regardless of how sleazy the PR department over at TopWare Interactive may be, one thing is certain – Two Worlds II is a great RPG. Luckily for us loyal fans, it’s getting a pirate-themed expansion later this year!! YARRRRR!!

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ATiElite2746d ago

2.5 million is a good amount for a game with limited or ZERO advertisement.

Also from all the stats i could find I'm showing 500K retail sales which included PS3 360 PC and around 2 million Digital Distribution which guessed it, the PC.

if someone has better stats let me know!

Kreyg2746d ago

Amazzingggg. I didn't think it could do it, but you go TWII!

badvlad2746d ago

2,5 mil and they still havent released an update for 360. Cant even do the dungeons

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The story is too old to be commented.