Metro 2033 sequel titled 'Metro: Last Light'?

SystemLink: "Superannuation has struck again, this time finding a tidbit of information from the dark, sinister, and freezing Moscow underground. The sequel to the cult favourite Metro 2033 looks to be given a more interesting name than 'Metro 2034'."

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Hazmat132796d ago

OMFG i played the storyline like 5 times. cant wait for the sequel! also make it for PS3 too!!

xPhearR3dx2796d ago

hmm, i wasnt a fan of the first, and i dont think there will be a second because theres only one book

ATiElite2796d ago

Metro 2034 is already in production.

Rybakov2796d ago

There is a second book 2034 came out years ago.....that's what the sequel should be named

Kran2796d ago

You did not do your research obviously.

ATiElite2796d ago

Who approved this crap? this isn't even an article but just two poorly written sentences that have nothing to do with the actual game.

Metro 2033 PC best graphics until Battlefield 3 is released. Hopefully Metro 2034 will tear my PC a new Ascii Hole.

Johandevries2795d ago

2012: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Metro 2034

If that year is gonna bring our existence to an end, it sure is a damn great final period

BlmThug2795d ago

Metro 2034 Will Show Crysis 2 What real Graphics Is