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SuperSaiyan42747d ago

Personally I found this to be a terrible game got it a couple of months ago as found UK versions on amazon and ebay.

The framerates are poor and so is the gameplay, also Two Worlds 2 was pretty much the same.

If you want a decent RPG thats the latest release get Dragon Age: 2

CherryLu-Chan2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I hadn't heard of this game until the Classic Game Room packaging review a few days ago.

I downloaded the demo on XBoxLive and it's outstanding. Beautiful world, flawless framerate and some very monty python-esque humour here and there.

As I understand it, the game has been considerably remastered since the original, much critisised release - and I can see that a lot of the issues seen in the original CGR review have been addressed.

Have a download of the demo on XboxLive [tis the orange packaging version] and see for yourself if it's your bag or not. I adored it.

Looks to be another undiscovered gem, much like the wonderful Sacred 2.

BTW .. the European release doesn't have the soundtrack or artbook .. does anyone know if the Atlus release is region unlocked?