Diehard GameFAN: Nascar 2011: The Game Review

DHGF: Waaay back in 2005(!) I did a review of NASCAR 2006: Total Team Control for what was then Inside Pulse Games. That was my last experience with a NASCAR licenced game (unless you count my review of Cars: The Game, which featured some NASCAR stuff but was not a real simulation based on the series. Oh and Gran Turismo 5, but lets not talk about that here.) Anyway, it seems I wasn’t alone in not playing NASCAR games, as EA eventually decided the series was not worth the time and money to continue it. The license languished for a time until finally Activision chose to bring it back to life. NASCAR 2011: The Game is the result of that choice, and I’m going to review it for you.

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showtimefolks2834d ago

we have not had a good nascar game. hope is all we got for next year

think about this:

madden was at its best last gen, nfl was at its best with 2k5
wwe was the best at here comes the pain and no mercy
and so was nascar

why so hard to make the jump to better tech?