RipTen Review: NASCAR 2011: The Game - It Feels Like an XBLA Title, Really

RipTen: From the moment I saw the title of NASCAR 2011: The Game, my expectations for what I was about to play were pretty low. First of all, what kind of game has “The Game” in the title unless it was based on a movie?

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xPhearR3dx3446d ago

Honestly, when was the last time a NASCAR game was good? 2005? They should just give up with these games.

a_bro3446d ago

give it to codemasters. they'll know what to do with it, just like F1 2010.

vicious69833446d ago

Who the hell wants to play a NASCAR game?

bfenty3446d ago

You mean, it's like need for speed without cop chases or anything cool? Yeah that sounds like NASCAR.

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