CVG - SOCOM: A history of the classic squad shooter

CVG - Squad-based shooters are one of console gaming's staples nowadays, but it wasn't always so and one of the first series to pioneer the genre on the PS2 was Zipper Interactive's much-loved SOCOM series.

Hailed by PlayStation fans through its three major console and two handheld incarnations, with SOCOM 4 due to release next week, we decided to take a look back through Zipper's contribution to a classic gaming series.

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sickbird2770d ago

Combined Assault wasnt a psp game...

undercovrr2770d ago

Yeah Combined Assault was for PS2. CVG should do their research before posting stuff like this, it really hurts their credibility

BattleAxe2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Also Socom 1 had 16 players online, not 12. These guys should have really done their homework.

CyberCam2770d ago

The squad shooter actually began with the original Rainbow Six, it was made by the amazing team at Red Storm Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft bought them and the Tom Clancy license... and the classic squad shooter started it's decline, until Zipper revived it with the Socom series.

sickbird2770d ago

i used to play rainbow 6 split screen co-op with my neighbor on N64 all the time. That and duke nukem 64. GOOD TIMES.

CyberCam2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

The PC version was the best! You had to really think about your mission before you even spawned into the game. You had to think, re-think about every action.

The community at were an awesome bunch... nothing like what we have today on Steam, XBLive & PSN... people had a lot more class and teamwork was the norm. You would get kicked if you were a run'n'gunner or if you didn't communicate & help your team (you were basically worthless)! Those were GREAT TIMES!