PS Bog It Only Does Tactical Strategy—with a Twist

it is possible to create motion-control games for core gamers to enjoy. Next Tuesday we go one step further when SOCOM 4: US NAVY SEALs hits store shelves. To kick off this exciting launch we’ve brought together Kevin Butler and some real US Navy SEALs, to give us a few pointers on what it takes to succeed under fire in SOCOM 4.

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GodofwarGoty2746d ago

one of the best Commerical done by Kevin Butler

KingOfRPG2746d ago

These Makes me want the game right now cant wait intil it comes out

GodofwarGoty2746d ago

Sony has done it again another hit

everyone would want these game after seeing these Epic Commerical

xAlmostPro2745d ago

Love the huge pretzel on his belt xD

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