The PS Move bowling ball accessory: don't forget the wrist-strap

PlayStation Move already has its fair share of accessories that aim to make your motion-sensing experience even more realistic. And there is an element of fun to be had out of slotting your Move controller into a gun-shaped peripheral and pretending your John Wayne for a couple of hours. How about this though? CTA Digital has now developed something a little different for PlayStation Move, similar to an accessory it launched on Wii a couple of years back.

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bozebo2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Bowling games. 'caus it's not like you can... you know... go to a bowling alley or anything.

GodofwarGoty2742d ago

why bowl any where else expect in your OWN HOUSE (LOL)

Perjoss2742d ago

what about disabled gamers?
try to use your brain a bit.

norman292742d ago Show
despair2742d ago

no bowling alleys in my country either, used to be about 15-20 years ago ago but not anymore. Still not a chance in hell of me getting that accessory.

GodofwarGoty2742d ago

i know what you mean i dont see alot of bowling alleys here to Thats why The PS BOWLING BOWL IS THE BALL FOR YOU lol thats what the commericial would be like

GodsHand2742d ago

I don't know about the other bowling games, but High Velocity bowling, works great with the standard sixaxis dual shock controller, it has the prefect setup for the way you hold the controller, and adjusting your spin, and speed.

OtherWhiteMeat2742d ago

Bowling alleys have gone the way of the dinosaur.There aren't very many remaining.Drinking and this accessory could be deadly for tvs.

GodofwarGoty2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

agree 100 percent there is like NO More bowling alleys any more i havent seen any

and about the PS Bowing Ball it would be Dangerous especially while throwing it
you lose it and it hits your tv

here is the details about it

The Bowling Ball, due for release on April 23, costs $29.99 USD and will be compatible with any bowling game, including Brunswick Pro and High Velocity Bowling

KingOfRPG2742d ago

way better then the Wii one

C_Menz2742d ago

Have about 10 bowling alleys within 30 minutes of where I live... But if people are stupid enough not to use the wrist strap then they deserve a huge hole in their $1,000 tv.

Killzone3___2742d ago

this accessory is lame , they shouldn't even think about making it , i have ps move and i love it but it just need more games , it doesn't need any accessory ...

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