NXT Gamer: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review

NXT Gamer's Oliver reviews the latest Mass Effect 2 DLC, Arrival...

"Mass Effect: Arrival marks the end of the succession of wildly varied downloadable episodes for Bioware’s critically-lauded space epic, Mass Effect 2. Intended to be a bookend to this middle chapter in Commander Shepard’s journey, it tells the story of a highly confidential, specially assigned mission given to Shepard from the thus far unseen, but ever present voice of the Alliance Military, Admiral Hackett, who face is finally shown. He has your character go on a solo rescue operation to free an undercover agent from the hands of the Batarians (the multi-eyed aliens as seen in the disappointing Bring Down The Sky expansion from the first game), and, in the process, inadvertently undercover some essential exposition to set up the next title. It’s an initially promising set-up, but unfortunately it just doesn’t really deliver."

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MasterD9192740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Sort of pointless DLC to download considering you can watch the whole thing on youtube and the final game is coming out at the end of the year with a story that would clear up these events regardless.