What are Valve counting down to? Our 6 theories!

Sudogamer writes: "Valve have made sure we don't need to make any rumours up...their mysterious countdown has the rumour-mills working away. Here are our favourite 6 theories on what they're counting down to."

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SpaceSquirrel2745d ago

I hope it is something new.

TravUK2745d ago

They have to be the worst guesses ever. Portal meets L4D? Please.

It's more than likely just an early Portal 2 release.

Kran2745d ago

It'd be great if it was Half Life 3.... just sayin. lol

Most likely it'll just be early release of Portal 2.

DeadlyFire2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

HL 3 or Episode 3. I am thinking HL 3.


A demo of Portal 2 released on STEAM.

starchild2745d ago

A demo would be nice, even though I am already getting the game for sure :)

outwar60102745d ago

most likely episode 3 becuase it sounds like how the g man talks

tdogchristy902745d ago

This list is kind of weird.....

But ya know, one thing I can't understand is this talk of releasing early and If they did it'd supposedly only be on steam. But by doing this you'd be leaving out a large part of your install base. Correct me if I'm wrong cause I don't see many early release things, but giving early release to some but not all seems strang?

2745d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.