What If It Had Achievements? - Final Fantasy X

"In a feature we ran last year, we compiled lists of fictional achievements for games including Ocarina of Time, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Resident Evil 4. The idea proved more popular than we initially imagined so now we return in what we hope to be a recurring feature.

First up is the classic PS2 RPG Final Fantasy X. Pore over the list below and let us know just how many achievement points out of the full 1000 you theoretically would have earned.

Be warned! This list will contain spoilers so turn back if you don’t want Final Fantasy X spoiled!"

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GrieverSoul2743d ago

The last great Final Fantasy game... Great game with great story. When I glimpse my FF collection I die a little inside when I look at X-2 and above.

FFXII was a prequel to the automated battle system of FFXIII and since that the game just lost its mojo. On XII I thought I wasd on the wrong side since the villain wasnt a really bad guy, he just had a politycal view diferent from the protagonists. XIII was just meh... Great looks but it didnt deliver in bed. ;)

trainsinrdr2743d ago

i only played x-2, xii and dirge of cerberus but i thought xii was epic i loved all the bosses and that boom noise it makes as you deal the final blow but thats just me :P

FACTUAL evidence2743d ago

Yea...I remember saving my lunch money to buy this game. I used to literally yell when toonami showed the FFX preview on tv. This was the only game in my life I was EXTREMELY excited for I completed this game when I was 12 years old.

NaiNaiNai2743d ago

I remember how it got me to replay the game. :P finding the stuff that let me read the unknown language.

Brewski0072743d ago

Take a summoners virginity.... *Achievement Unlocked*

N4Gsukballs2743d ago

Its going to Have *TROPHIES*.

LightSamus2743d ago

I sure hope so! This, FFX-2 and XII on one disc would make my day!

DOMination2743d ago

There's no reason why SE couldn't remake this game for an xbox console so the title is perfectly accurate. Probably would never happen though

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