Portal 2 Already Showing Up on Torrent Sites, It's Time to Go Dark

Undefined News: Well, that was fast. Who knows how they were acquired, but if anyone feels like possibly getting sued, good news for those people.

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TrevorPhillips2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

woow it's out on torrents and there's only a week left till the game releases. I heard Mortal Kombat 9 will be out on torrents tomorrow. This is not right though. Support the developers and buy the game.

Roscoe3zz2741d ago

MK9 has been out on torrents for hours now.
Great day for a pirate.

VINNIEPAZ2741d ago

MK is already out, I just got done playing it. I'm transferring Portal 2 to my Xbox HDD right now and gonna give it a go in 10 minutes.

reznik_zerosum2741d ago

yup, im trying to download MK but torrent is very slow for some reason,should be done in few hours...i hope

SixZeroFour2741d ago

lmao...isnt VINNIE that same guy that "proclaims" he has every system and shows a pic to prove it?, but has to torrent games? i call BS on the pic a new pic with a piece of paper and your n4g name as well as your local news paper with a recent date, cause i dont believe you have every system...i mean, that pic had collectables, and if your torrenting games like mk9 and portal 2, i would assume its cause you dont have the cash to buy them

prolly dont even have a girl like you say, but ill leave that be

Brash_Attack2741d ago ShowReplies(1)
reznik_zerosum2741d ago

go away jesus,i WILL pirate this game just like first portal :P

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Master_S2741d ago

Jack sparrows,Jack sparrows everywhere.

Quagmire2741d ago

No, youre thinking of the cool kind of pirate

MysticStrummer2741d ago

Jack Asses, you mean. Helping to kill their own hobby. Morons.

Brash_Attack2741d ago

A week early isn't that bad. Remember when ODST leaked about a month early? That was nuts.

Chnswdchldrn2741d ago

I respect valve too much to even think about pirating any of their games. They deserve all of my monies for the amazing shit they make

Infinity Ward and pals however...

gypsygib2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I can't wait until the government amends the copyright laws to put pirates in jail or fine them big bucks.

It really is just plain and simple theft, and don't try that "removal of something" argument because it's retarded, let some one steal your credit card info then argue that they merely pirated it. Either way it's wrong.

evrfighter2741d ago

"I can't wait until the government amends the copyright laws to put pirates in jail or fine them big bucks. "


reznik_zerosum2741d ago

maybe one day in america but never in europe and russia...never so suck it americans

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The story is too old to be commented.