Diablo 3 Randomized Randomization

Various information regarding Diablo 3 Randomization changes. Enjoy .

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Relientk772928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

This is a Day 1 purchase and I cannot wait for this

Been waiting over a decade for D3

Lirky2928d ago

Blizzard fans #1 worry :

We should make sure blizzard gets rid of the 90 day inactive account deletion , and also the character expiration 11 days problem.

It still exists in old diablo II: lords of destruction it needs to disappear Blizzard.

captain-obvious2928d ago

so we have to pay to play or something ??

Diablo 3 was going to be my first diablo ever but after what you just said i'll have to reconsider

Lirky2928d ago

You didnt understand me!

I said that d3 will be free 2 play its just in diablo 2 lords of destruction d2 was free too its just you have to log on your account within every 90 days or your account will be deleted.

And if you didnt place your character in a game room that you made or others made then your character would be deleted within 11 days.

Blizzard should patch it for d2 and d3 they should do this at launch if not its pointless spending time playing d3 if the same issue will occur.