The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Director’s Cut) Coming to GoG for $4.99

RipTen: Holy beast slaying panty dropping deals Geralt!! GoG (Good Old Games) has just announced that for a limited time you’ll be able to get the definitive version of the award winning RPG for just $4.99.

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Sandwich Bender2929d ago

Man I hope someone doesn't accidentally buy this for me! That would be crazy!

WhiteNoise2929d ago

I bought a second copy of this game the other day from EB games for $7.95.

Enhanced edition, reprinted/repackaged with all the patches on disk......for $7.95.

No excuses b!tches. Pick it up.

SpaceSquirrel2929d ago

Great deal for an awesome game

lelo2play2929d ago

Great game... if you don't have it, go buy it.

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