Sony's NGP to Have 3D Functionality?

Could Sony's NGP also have 3D or at least the illusion of 3D like the iPad 2?

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dragonyght2743d ago

don't need the npg already have too many feature don't need any more complication special for game dev

Kran2743d ago

You can never have too many features.

Watcha' talkin' 'bout fool?

gaffyh2743d ago

I think he is trying to say that the NGP doesn't need it, because it already has too many features. I could be wrong though.

dragonyght2743d ago

@gaffyh ty that's what i meant
i kinda phrase wrongly mistake on my part it should have been like this

don't need it.
the npg already have too many feature don't need any more complication specially for game Dev

ComboBreaker2743d ago

It looks pretty aswesome.

pain777pas2743d ago

Glasses 3D WILL be an OPTION for sure. The PSP can do it from what I've read. This system sure can and will but Devs are not forced to implement it. I would like to have the choice to use it when I want if I'm in bed and want to see something cool. They should just focus on what they have but Kaz has stated that it can do 3D easily. Firmware update for the win. Once E3 hits glasses 3D will be announced as an OPTION. This will allow Sony to whet peoples appetites of forking over for a 3DHDTV. It just makes sense to continue with glasses 3D since it is the best quality 3D to date (Not the most convenient of course- 3DS).

Fishy Fingers2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Front facing camera and modest processing power is all that's needed (PS2 could do it). Hell, with the accelerometer etc you dont even need the camera.

So yeah, no problem for the NGP at all. Even if developers dont bother with it, someone will get the same old target tech demo up and running easily.

Just one thing though, it isnt 3D really.

damnyouretall2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

if its kinda close to 3d without the headaches and eye strain then i wouldnt mind. why not add it?

pedrami912743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It's already been confirmed that the NGP can do face tracking. But that wont mean we'll see lots of devs making use of this feature.

kneon2743d ago

I don't expect it to be used as it's fairly useless. It's even more useless than the 3d on the 3DS. You only see the effect if you move your head, plus the screen is too small to really make 3D worthwhile.

Emilio_Estevez2743d ago

Could this be done with software and a firmware update?

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The story is too old to be commented.