Kinect for Netflix is a Catastrophe. Microsoft Has No Idea What to Do with Kinect "Let's find out how long it takes to select and watch our favorite Netflix movie using Kinect instead of the Xbox 360 controller!" That was the simple metric we wanted to try to test the new Kinect support in the Xbox version of Netflix. I suspected that it'd take a little bit longer to use Kinect's motion controls, but that it'd be worth the extra time to forgo the controller entirely.

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wwm0nkey2748d ago

See kotaku could have left out that last line and put "Kinect for Netflix is a Catastrophe."

This app is bad though and could be GREATLY improved if it wasnt for the fact it only goes off suggestions.

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artynerd2748d ago

I have to disagree - I'm convinced Microsoft has no clue what to do with Kinect.

Kinect Sports is a great title, and I still play it online with friends to this day, but other than that... nothing much going on.

wwm0nkey2748d ago

I think E3 is the big deciding point if Kinect will become a hardcore and more used device.

It will NEED some sort of Controller input to be considered hardcore though. a Wii/Move like controller input would be great.

(yes I am aware the original concept of Kinect was you are the controller but the PS Eye didnt have a Move like device in the PS2 days either)

gamingdroid2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Kinect works just fine on and (the small sections I tried of) Zune Video.

There really isn't much difference between the interfaces needed.

How about you show us a video of a product then I might be inclined to believe you. Right now, it sounds more like they didn't enable you to access anything else other than the suggested movies.


I find it ironic that now Wii style motion controls are considered "hardcore" now. I guess all Kinect will need is something more casual, then suddenly Kinect is hardcore! :)

DualConsoleOwner2748d ago

There is just no sense is waving your arm around and etc with lags and glitches when you can simply press a button.

JBaby3432748d ago

Whether Kinect, Move, or Wii, I still have no use for motion gaming. Here's hoping MS fixes this for the casual crowd that can't work analog sticks and buttons.

Soldierone2748d ago

@ Monkey. Not going to happen. If they do that then MS has to lose the camera. Sony holds rights to motion controls via a controller and camera. And if MS did abandon it...well I feel bad for everyone that owns the camera.

And this is true, MS has no idea what to do with it. I see better "hacks" coming from Kinect that are more interesting and awesome than anything MS is putting out....

badz1492748d ago

that Kinect hacks are getting more positive views from users than the official app released by M$. got to admit that many Kinect hacks are kinda awesome but as far as what it does on 360, I might say, meh...

EVILDEAD3602748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

So let's be clear..

Before said update..Kinect had ZERO control over Netflix..

After the update..Kinect has some capabilities over the search..but you can now use your voice during the movie to etc.

But Kotaku want's to pretend it's the end of the world?..GTFOH..

Nothing changed..use your controller to find your flick and play it..instead of finding your controller when you want to can now use Kinect voice capabilities voice instead..

Far from Catastrophic End..more like humble beginnings..

Anyone with a brain knows Microsoft wanted full capabilites for Kinect with Zune movies..

So the idiot at Kotaku whose getting the fan kid hits is completely wrong..

Fact..Microsoft knows EXACTLY what to do with Kinect..

I personally love my Kinect..use it more than any motion control device I own..and I own all 3..

I use it to workout..own 3 workout games..Fitness evolved..EA Active 2.0 (after the 50 dollar price drop..and biggest loser..alternating days and workouts

The 4 other games that get the most run at my place are Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Motion Sports, and Brunswick bowling

I use it for Zune Last FM

I bought one for my sister who lives across the country and we use it to see the new baby over the 65 inch big screen..Kinect to Kinect conferencing kills Skype for these kinds of moments..

Again..Catastrophe..Nope..upd ate away from full Netflix capabilities? Highly probable

If I were a betting man..they will probably save it for an E3 announcement in a couple of months

Just my take

Child of Eden FTW..


Ethereal2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I want to see what microsoft brings to the table games wise for E3. I hope it's not like last year...

jneul2748d ago

@wwmonkey they was researching the possibility of tracking other objects as part of r&d for move nice try, even i know ms is researching into tracking the 360 controller, to give six-axis like functionality, however its one hell of an expensive way to have six-axis control:-D

Asgaro2747d ago

I still don't get how people can be so stupid to buy Kinect at release, if they are expecting hardcore games?!

"I told you see" seems in place here.

Same as what happened with the Wii, lucky I sold it and from then on I never made a mistake like that again.

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iPad2748d ago

Kinect could be a good device... outside of gaming.

Shang-Long2748d ago

agreed.... it could be a go device in gaming tho, if it wasn't so limited

malamdra2748d ago

when it comes to gaming Kinect with follow the Sixaxis path:

a curiosty item at first that can be fun but after a while it will be clear that it has no real application for gaming and anything done with it it's always better with a controller

so it will gradually being phased out

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badz1492748d ago

although there are still some use for it in some games like KZ3. very minimal, I know but the thing is, sixaxis come pre-installed with every PS3 purchase while Kinect cost an extra $150! if both are going down...Kinect will surely take the cake for the bigger failure!

almost 10mil sold and M$ still not get it right! amazing how big bucks in marketing works, ha?

fr0sty2748d ago

I won't play warhawk without sixaxis. the analog is nowhere near as sensitive as tilting for steering/flying.

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Soldierone2747d ago

@Tim that has to be one of the worst lists to defend anything....Move has Sports Champions and 5 or so exercise games too...does that make it an auto success...No, its the fact Sony has found a way to work it into core games and add new experiences to mainstream titles as a bonus.

MS is heading in the right direction with the Netflix feature and so on, but it isn't there yet. Right now its nothing more than a gimmick...Tickle Me Elmo did the same thing, people were impressed for a month and now you don't see it anywhere. Innovation doesn't end at the attempt, it ends when you can't tweak it any further.

R8342747d ago

The difference being the Sixaxis sensor comes in the controller for free, whereas you have to pay for Kinect.

From what I've seen, Kinect looks good fun, but not outside casual games - I think they limited themselves by not having a controller.

Sony took the safer route by following a path that Nintendo has already explored and it paid off - the Move works fine, even with 'hardcore' games, such as Killzone 3.

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xxLuckyStrike2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I could care less about kinect.. I returned mine after about 3 weeks in which 2 of those weeks it collected dust.. anyway whatever the update was the movies sure load alot faster..

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eggbert2748d ago

"but that it'd be worth the extra time to forgo the controller entirely."

I don't get why people think this? Your pretty much saying

"It's going to take longer and be more difficult, but its better because I have to move my entire arm instead of my thumbs."

JsonHenry2748d ago

I agree man. Now if they were using Kinect voice activated abilities I could see this being helpful. But the controller just make better sense when the motion control is such a hassle.

eggbert2748d ago

It doesn't use voice, Kotaku was JUST complaining about the lack of voice control.

Dorwrath2748d ago

@eggbert Yes it uses voice controls, not in the way he wants it too. It uses voice for movie commands, like play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward etc.

Thats the only plus point of it so far, I don't have to reach for the controller when I need to go to the bathroom or go get coffee for example "Xbox pause".

Personally they should have held off release until it was fully kinect enabled.

ChozenWoan2748d ago

The sad part is that the best use of Kinect tech is the voice commands, yet the xbox has had a mic for some time. So why didn't they just add the voice commands a long time ago?

mastiffchild2747d ago

But even voice commands are slower than a button AND less accurate. I can read a million times faster in my head than out loud and pressing a button compared to talking? Same thing. Even if this worked as well as possible it would still be pointless and noone would use it unless showing their mates. Too slow and we're too lazy and too hurried to use it past novelty value.

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soundslike2748d ago

its better cuz "its the future, maaaaan"

Zeevious2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I have to's why I returned mine. I've spent that $150 on 3 great games since then. You know...what the console is made for...GAMES.

To just isn't what Microsoft claimed it was, or would do.
Netflix/Kinect is a perfect example.

I'll buy Kinect again when it actually does what I was promised. Right now, 6 months after release it still has a 1/2 done voice interface, 1/2 done motion interface, and WHERE ARE THE GAMES?

I didn't buy this to run random PC Hackware on it -- I Don't care...I bought it to play innovative games. (Not slightly upgraded Eyetoy games)

I may get another one when Child of Eden is released, but by then I expect the voice interface to work everywhere and the motion interface to not just be some 1/2 done subset of my 360's real interface.

I'd be just as critical of Move, but it works everywhere, even in the browser and a list of games patched to support it from day 1. Where is the similar support for Kinect? I can think of great games that would have worked with Kinect...but nothing from Microsoft. Not one single patch for my games to support it.

I think the review here is a little harsh but do agree, it's like Microsoft raked in the cash from the first sales and now have left Kinect to rot.

Where are the games is what I ask.

Where are my games?

baodeus2748d ago

If ps3 owners think like u, they would have probably return all those ps3 back then.

Although perhaps certain games that you want hasn't been done on kinect yet? Kinect isn't backward compatible like wii mote or move so quick implementation isn't possible. It requires an entirely new coding and implementation.

Nevertheless, there are games that made specifically for kinect work quite well. From what u are saying, i guess those games aren't your cup of tea, but it might be for many others.

The interface does work. Take espn for example: try using motion for rewind or fastforward feature. It works much better than controller because u can get it to the exact scene that you want instantly rather than skipping or waiting for it to hit the right minutes as in the case when u use the controller. It does work, but it does take times to implement (in this case is the netflix).

I would agree though, return it if it doesn't fit your taste. Problem solve.

Zeevious2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Well, I'll be the first to tell you, I'm a pretty demanding consumer.
(It's ironic you mention returning the PS3 - See below...)

I used YourShapeFitness and recommend anyone with Kinect who wants a personal trainer -- get it.

DanceDance was one of the strongest titles, but I still say the rest of the voice and motion interface is 1/2 done.

It's not what I was promised at E3.
It's been 6 months...where is that Kinect?

It did work in ESPN, but what is the excuse for this Netflix disaster?

I've been waiting for Kinect to be worth me buying another one.
Why am I still waiting?

The direction Microsoft is going just disappoints me.
I'm not seeing any games.
I'm not seeing improvements to the interface or voice control.
I'm not seeing the innovation I was promised.

What I am seeing is the same early mistakes made with EyeToy. I bought into those too...

Why is all the "Wow...amazing" stuff I've seen Kinect doing in the past 6 months been PC Hacks?

That is the cutting-edge stuff I was promised.

I WANT Kinect to be something useful in my house.
I WANT to wave my hand, alone and control everything.
I WANT games that use the 3D sensors and are unique...innovative.

That's not the Kinect I returned 6 months ago...and it doesn't seem like it's gotten any better.

I Love Irony...
It's also ironic that you mention returning the fact I DID. I returned my first 60GB PS3 from Feb-March 2007 when it kept locking up playing a simple DVD!

They fixed this in a firmware upgrade later, but I refused to have paid hundreds of dollars to be Sony's beta-tester. It just made no sense to me that I'd paid 5-6 times the cost of a generic DVD player just to have it lock up in the middle of movies...and I returned it.

I returned Kinect for pretty much the same reason. It just didn't work as promised.

I don't know why more people don't take advantage of a little thing called a receipt.

I tape mine to the box of anything I buy. If it's not worth it, it goes right back.

I insist companies and their products WORK for my money.
I don't care if it's Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo . . . I refuse to just give it to them like they inherently deserve it.

I deserve a product that works and at least meets the companies promises. If it doesn't I don't reward failure but put the refund money back in my pocket and spend it on something that does.

That's my job as a consumer:
If you're worth it you get my money -- If not, I get it back.

newn4gguy2747d ago don't own a PS3 because of early hardware issues...yet you're completely fine with a 360?!?

Zeevious2747d ago

You misunderstood me, beccause though I thought I wrote enough, I left out the best part.

Several months later around E3 they lowered the price on the PS3, and I got a FANTASTIC deal on one, after checking they had fixed the firmware. I not only was able to take advantage of 5 free Blu-Ray movies but a chain was running a promotion clearing out all the current 60 gig models with all the ports and card readers and backwards compatibility and extra controller. I think I also got a free game . Total, after deducting the extra controller and promotions, I paid about $300+ dollars and have never regretted that purchase. I would have kept the first one had I know they where going to drop all the extra features.

I'm not completely fine with the 360 hardware issues, and in fact had one after they where largely fixed. I don't agree that any manufacturer should build glitchy hardware junk and expect me to buy it. I in fact had that receipt taped to the box for the PS3, just as I did for Kinect...and returned them after giving them both of them the same chance.

I don't worship a console, or any manufacturer but am fine with them worshiping my wallet, and competing for it's contents.

I'm a companies worst nightmare...and informed, easily dissatisfied consumer.

I'm sure this keeps them up at night, while I sleep like a baby because everything I own I'm happy with.

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RememberThe3572748d ago

That didn't take long. What the hell is MS doing? This is what the internet would call a "FAIL".

artynerd2748d ago

Dear Microsoft, I mostly love your console but you're really dropping the ball with what the Kinect can do.

Head over to Youtube, search "Kinect Hacks" and start hiring people.

The technology is there, but the creativity and quality assurance are nowhere to be found.

wwm0nkey2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

They are releasing the Kinect SDK for PC next month :)


They are also releasing Kinect support for XNA (Xbox indie games) this year as well.

eggbert2748d ago

a PC SDK won't help too much with consoles.

f7897902748d ago

Agreed. Microsoft left me with a lame impression of Kinect. Then people started hacking it and OH SHIT! That's awesome!

That e3 demo still haunts me.
"Stop it Skittles, that tickles."

Richard_Hammond2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


never forget the laughter i had when this came on

Asgaro2747d ago

Aren't they dropping the ball with all Xbox360?
Where are their exclusive titles lol?