PS3 Exclusive Red Johnson’s Chronicles dated, new trailer — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Lexis Numerique has announced Red Johnson’s Chronicles, their puzzle-based crime investigation title for PlayStation Network, will launch on the service on April 19, 2011. A brand new gameplay trailer accompanied the announcement."

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Godmars2902746d ago

Hopefully I'll be able to get into this. Need to finally try Blue Toad as well.

Rynx2746d ago

I tried the first Episode of Blue Toad after you beat it once, there is NO replay value, unless you want to go back to get all the trophies.

Hopefully this isn't the case for this one.

NewMonday2745d ago

6.5$ for PSN+ members, this game and Amy (12$) are almost giveaways.

zeeshan2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I am not a big fan of that chocolate, shinny look of character models. I like to see some "noise" applied to models so there is some texture in there!

Anyhow, this game certainly looks interesting and I am kind of surprised that it is a PSN game only.

I know most of you are going to disagree with me but there is something about this trailer that reminded me of Bioshock and Andrew Ryan.

blusoops2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Looks interesting. But I can't help to think of how much more interesting this would be if it was a "point and touch" adventure on NGP instead of "point and click" on PS3.

Another game I think would be awesome on NGP would be Machinarium, also a future PSN title. And also a point and click title on PC.

Godmars2902746d ago

Funny thing about that, i wish that some PSP titles were on the PS3. Download only with a few tricks and minor upgrades, some available console exploits, but still a PSP level game. $20-$30 PS3 minis rather than $5 PSP minis.

Bull5hifT2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

When i saw that word machinarium, it bought me
Back to when i read about a game called Metronome on the PS3 then that word boght me back to Pokemon' Clefairy , that i remembered a TM called that, gunna google it ...... Yeah the psp God of Wars and Metal Gear Peace Walker should jump to interested in Little Big Planet on NGP, making a level and then porting it on LBP2 or 3

himdeel2745d ago

The thing that gets me blusoops is that point and touch games on the NGP should be Move enabled games on the PS3. Point and click games with the Move would be very nice.

blusoops2745d ago

Totally agree about move support.

R8342745d ago


Beat me too it - this game (and any point and click game) would be great on the Move.

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MrDead2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


Dont get Blue Toad save your money, I thought it was going to be like Monkey island or Sam and Max but its not.

I can say without a doubt in my mind that Blue Toad Murder Files is the worst game i have ever played and I've been playing computer games since 1988.

GreenMachin32746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Red's voice actor is very dull.

Saul will have his own spinoff game, Watch, you'll see.

Acquiescence2746d ago

but it's a point 'n' click adventure game, set in a gritty dysotpia, plus a lot of the puzzles in the trailer look really interesting in how they're interactive; kind of reminiscent of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It depends on the reviews (I don't want to spend money on something that everyone says is a piece of crap), but I've definitely got my eye on this.

lodossrage2746d ago

everyone wants an opinion spoon fed to them rather than having an opinion of their own. If it's a download game, see if a friend has it and play it. If it's a retail game, rent it.

But bottom line, don't let a "reviewer" that has no clue who you are or what you like tell you what's good and what isn't. Just because everyone else on the planet may not like something doesn't mean YOU won't.

Acquiescence2746d ago

If everyone calls a game crap, then there's a good chance it actually is crap and not worth spending money on. Games are far less objective than other mediums like film or music, and a flaw in the graphics or controls or camera is a flaw no matter how you look at it.

I don't want an opinion spoon fed to me, I just want to know if the product I'm interested in is worth buying.

lodossrage2746d ago

But the argument isn't about a flaw. The debate is whether a person likes or dislikes a game off their own merit or just because others told them to.

Every game has their flaws. But again, just because everyone else tells you "it's bad" doesn't mean you'd feel the same way if you tried it for yourself

strifeblade2745d ago

lodossrage... I think Acquiescence just owned you

lodossrage2745d ago

I fail to see how I was "owned" but you children today see and think what you want these days.

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