DICE: 'We're Getting Close' To Current Gen End

NowGamer: Patrick Bach, Executive Producer of Battlefiled 3, has told Play magazine that "we're getting close" to the end of current generation consoles...

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plb2838d ago

Daily dose of DICE ramblings.

Caleb_1412838d ago

I don't actually think its DICE that're rambling, I think its just the insane amount of different websites copying the same interview and giving it a different title.

Either way, it definitely is getting annoying

iamnsuperman2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Its publicity for them and there game. If they are saying we are getting close to end of gen then people will think there game must me a graphical masterpiece. I am unsure I am expecting a good looking game but not the best looking game this gen (on consoles.....maybe on pc but that is a different matter)

Brewski0072838d ago

True, should really be duplicate story.

This is just one developers take on things, when others might be still able to get alot more out of the console market. Maybe they'd do better putting their heads together rather than crying for new hardware because I surely can't afford another console for a while.

Therealspy032837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

what's happening is every idiot person on every idiot gaming blog that gets to do interviews asks the same idiot questions. what is dice supposed to do? tell them to piss off? they have to answer their questions, why would they give different responses?

interviewer one: you think this generation needs to end?
response: yes, soon.
interviewer two: i heard interviewer one ask if you think this generation needs to end. uh...same question.
response: yes, soon.

hiredhelp2837d ago

Without a video interview i wouldnt take this too seriously. it always takes a good few years to make a console shine. then it takes few more to have updated eninges make them really improove.
like the ps2 and psp ghost of sparta.

even if they are making this for ps3 and not a port they still 3rd party. why that make a differnce. because first party devs take years to make on example the ps3 to really understand it once they do then they can start throwing games out every couple years so. i might get disagrees there but im only saying this because of what developrs have told us in the past. it does take time. now i know crytek have a new engine like no other were can be seperatly done threw both. almost like streaming in a away. going back to the very first video's last year.

but these guys dont have that tech. however im not saying they not gonna use the best out of the ps3 i beleave they will. but to max it out or not have much more to do on it hmmmm.
and we all know what a brand new engine can do.

ATiElite2836d ago

but since BF3 is the HOT game we are gonna be subjected to thousands and millions of DICE threads, even if it's nonsense like "DICE employee takes a shit at Infinity Ward Studios". or something along those lines until the dam game comes out.

Dart892838d ago

I think they should worry about thier game instead saying were close to current console generation.

I'm all for Dice but lately with all this mumbo jumbo i'm starting to lose respect for them.Come on guys don't flame me.

plb2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Totally agree, I've loved everything DICE has put out apart from MOH but everyday they are either saying how much better their game is than the competition or how much consoles suck. Either way, it's getting old and rather annoying.

Convas2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

What's kind of funny and sad is that at the same time, Activision says nothing, then announces Call of Duty Next and then millions flock to it.

Then DICE's game comes, and doesn't do as well as they'd hoped, and then they start mouthing off again because they felt they deserved a better cut of the FPS crowd.

As I've said before, Put up or Shut up. We've seen a lot of the PC version. And it's good to know that they are putting up their best for the PC guys who put them on the map.

But if they have any hope of actually going against Call of Duty sales wise, they damn well better make sure the console versions aren't just after-thoughts.

Marquis_de_Sade2837d ago

But Clizzz, DICE have every right to feel hard done by, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a superior game to any CoD of recent years.

hiredhelp2836d ago

Gota agree bitching at other devs not exactly respectfull. like they try to make out they are.

but thats 3rd party's for you getting more and more i hate it. weather or not you like a franchise company they still put in the hours of work doing there job.

anyways who started first been soo long cant remember activision. or EA.

skyward2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Don't like it? Don't click it - he's spoken specifically to Play magazine at the end of the day

theafroman2837d ago

It's not the end of the 7 gen of consoles. But you can see it from here.
2012 the 360 and hopefully the PS3 successor will be reveal.

blumatt2837d ago

I'm kinda on the fence in regard to new consoles. I mean, I'd like to see prettier graphics and new features, etc., but I'm just not particularly excited about dropping several hundred dollars (likely in the $400 range or higher) for a new console. I'm enjoying my PS3 just fine. There's tons of games for it coming out this year. (2011 is full of exclusives as well as great 3rd party games.) I hope the first next-gen console doesn't come out until at least Fall 2012 or 2013. I need time to save up for it, cause we all know next-gen will be pretty expensive, at least at first.

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