Duke Nukem Forever : Randy Pitchford interview video

Video-Interview for Randy Pitchford. A lot of gameplay video of Duke Nukem Forever is included

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solidworm2931d ago

Looks like last last gen.

TheMutator2931d ago Show
e-p-ayeaH2931d ago

in 360p everything looks like last gen lol

TheMutator2931d ago

Balls of Steellllllll and report me again

Pozzle2929d ago

"Looks like last last gen."

Good, then it fits the Duke Nukem tradition :)

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Venox20082931d ago

can't wait! :) Duke forever :)

MasterD9192931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Randy Pitchford is the man...He literally saved Duke from certain death.

Plus he is a hardcore fan and knows the ins and outs of the series...Even if you hate Duke, this game and all things related to it- you should be able to appreciate the fact that this is made FOR the fans BY a fan.

Pure awesomeness. I'm not buying this for graphics or because it is a shooter- I'm buying this because this game has heart. Something you rarely see these days.