Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD Unveiling on April 28th

Oddworld, once one of the most recognisable franchises on a console, has been missing for a good few years. The glory days of farting on people as Abe or telling them to 'follow you' before they wandered into a meat grinder seem a long way away. In fact, the last game Oddworld created was in fact Strangers Wrath for the original Xbox which, coincidentally, is the game they're about to release updated with snazzy HD visuals.

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Droid Control2743d ago

Is this game coming out on the 360 now? Otherwise, why would it be in the Xbox section?

CaptainMarvelQ82743d ago

probably because it was an Xbox game

RevXM2743d ago

Isnt this coming to PC as well?

Lucreto2743d ago

I think it is part of the odd box on steam.

The original Strangers Wrath will get an update to the HD version.

yewles12743d ago

Looks like MS finally upped that XBLA cap. I should have figured when Sega all star racing came.