DICE to Focus on PC with Battlefield 3 writes, "While the Bad Company games have kept the Battlefield name relevant the last few years, hardcore PC gamers have been clamouring for a true Battlefield game for over half a decade. With highly-anticipated shooter Battlefield 3, Swedish developer DICE is promising to deliver the biggest, best, and most beautiful game in the series yet..."

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ATiElite2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

There's no engine you could buy today that could build a Battlefield game to the quality that we're building Battlefield games.

Those were two great points as gamers not familiar with the Battlefield series keep thinking it's like BC. it kinda is but it REALLY REALLY isn't.... well the PC version won't be.

Also the shear amount of chaos going on in a BF game is crazy. huge sandbox, vehicles, infantry, aircraft and sea vessels needs a lot of power and AAA devs.

Battlefield separates the men from the boys. Plenty of time to get or upgrade a Gaming PC if you don't have one. This is the Game to get.

Dart892797d ago

And the sky is blue we already knew dice was going to focus on BF3 on PC.

The_Firestarter2797d ago

Oh-mah-gawd! Are you serious!? The sky is blue?

All kidding aside, I am just glad BF3 is coming out this year. One of the most anticipated titles for this upcoming fall season. :D

newsguy2797d ago

Would you consider Bad Company a PC-focused title?

Pandamobile2797d ago

Bad Company 1 wasn't even on PC.

Bad Company 2 was still a console game at heart, but DICE at least put in some sort of effort on the PC version. 12 additional players, WAY better graphics, etc.

RedDead2797d ago

How many articles do we need telling us this? We've known since the game was announced for god sake

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The story is too old to be commented.