Design your own Xbox Live CoD 4 theme

You like Call of Duty 4? Are you creative? You want to make a theme for Xbox LIVE? Well, now you can. Over at, they are having a contest for the most creative Xbox LIVE theme wallpaper, and the top four selected by Infinity Ward will get their enteries into a theme pack for download over Xbox Live. And they also give you a lot of time to get your theme made up as it is due by November 5th, 2007. To get you started, you can download this 245MB worth of goodness pack filled with high quality screens, template, etc. There are some requirements however to get your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare theme into the contest, such as making it fit the template [again, which is downloadable], and things like making it 1120x770px, make sure you check out the whole list.

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AcidRhain4024d ago

They make gamers do the work so they don't have to.

Charlie26884024d ago

SWEET :D ill give it a try

But my Halo 3 theme might get angry :P

I know my Bungie one did when it was replaced >.>