GamersTV Channel: Michael Jackson: The Experience Review

Michael Jackson The Experience for the Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3 Move and Nintendo Wii brings the King of Pop straight to your living room.

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whateva2748d ago

he/she said that that both scans you into the game lol

bluegreenman2748d ago

I dont believe this for one second! Not one!

TBM2748d ago

im sorry the minute shovelware starts getting perfect scores i know there's something wrong happening here.

Bigpappy2748d ago

I don't understand the anger over this game. If there ever was a perfect controller for dance games, there is none better than Kinect for that task.

You PS3 guys need to leave this one alone. At least you can do 4 player locally with the Move. Relax fellows, you got KZ and Socom on the Move, No need to stress ove MJ on Kinect. IF it makes you feel better, now gamer gave it a 5/10.