Stacking DLC - The Lost Hobo King Review |

Craig Will of GoozerNation writes, "The PSN/XBLA downloadable game Stacking has received the DLC treatment in the form of a new adventure titled "The Lost Hobo King." Breaking down the numbers, there are three new challenges with 12 total solutions, 10 new Hi-Jinks and a slew of new dolls including 14 that are unique. At five dollars does this add-on offer enough bang for the buck?"

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JimmyJames702840d ago

Have not played any Stacking games yet but they sound interesting.

puffkix2840d ago

I really like Stacking and the DLC. The gameplay is a refreshing break from the standard console genres. It's nice to see what developers come up with when creativity is the driving focus.

GodsHand2840d ago

Stacking was a fun game, but I can not warrant the price for the DLC, it was far to short, beat it in 10 minutes. Mind you I still need to solve the quest in different ways, and do all the hi-jinx, but that will not take long. But as for the main game itself, it could be worth the price, but being a PS+ memeber I got it free, and only paid for the DLC, so it was not too bad.

puffkix2840d ago

Yeah, I got Stacking for free and was very impressed with it and would gladly paid money for it. The DLC on the other hand just didn't offer enough content for 5 dollars...