IGN - SSX: Coming Down The Mountain

IGN writes: EA's over-the-top snowboarding franchise, SSX, has been cooling on the shelf so long that many gamers probably haven't even heard of it. They'll know it soon enough. SSX takes the thrill and danger of dropping onto a mountain and amps it up with ridiculous, gravity-defying stunts.

What will it take to master the new SSX? Skillful artistry in navigating narrow paths, a sharp eye for spotting lines that lead to massive air, and fast fingers to pull off a half-dozen tricks while soaring over expansive chasms. If that sounds cool to you, I'd tell you to buckle up, but there's no safety belt on these mountains.

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KiRBY30002929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

one thing i loved about SSX3 is the character customization. you had tons of cool items and accessories to unlock, i hope they keep that in the new game. how my character looks is a big deal to me.