Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, free download Oct. 24th

For those of you who worship at the alter of Playstation, life is about to get more bearable. Its name is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and it will be available to download for free on October 24th. The move is an effort to keep thumbs from atrophying after the long hiatus between GT4 and the new prologue installment, due out in stores December 13th (at least in Japan).

The launch is coinciding with the Tokyo Motor Show, where a number of vehicles that have parts in the game will be revealed in the really-real-world the day before. Among the models already confirmed: the new Nissan GT-R and Mitsubishi Evolution X, plus 16 other manufacturers, including Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Three new tracks are also set to make their debut in GT5, including Fuji, Daytona and Suzuka.

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cloud3604480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Free but some xbox360 fan tard said it isnt a long time ago. Sick am gonna gets me a PS3 earler if this is true

I hate those Crazy Ugly Species

Crazyglues4480d ago

Yeah it's going to be free, I think that's really the best move for sony right now, especially if they are trying to sell these new lower price PS3's.

This should get some people to place the system in there shopping cart or add this to there Christmas list for Nov. (I just wish they could have released the rumble controllers at the same time in the usa as in japan. (Nov.) that would have been sweet.)

EZCheez4480d ago

It's a demo of Prologue, not the entire game. If you read the rest of the article it gives pricing for the "full" Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Sony really made this confusing.

socomnick4480d ago

Cloud all this time you praise the mighty ps3 as being a graphical powerhouse and a amazing game machine yet you don't even bloody own the system. Thats the problem with this site all the ps3 fangirls don't even own ps3s so they have no right to even talk about it. Own the console first then defend , praise it etc.

Huddymonster4480d ago

for people who are tricked into thinking that just because it is the prologue to a game that it cant have content that is worth 50 dollars. If you look at Motorstorm it sold very well and it has about the same amount of content as GT5 pro. PLUS it is Gran Turismo its always going to sell because no racing game on the planet and whoever thinks otherwise is either a fanoby or just had a labotomy.

Bradwick+EZCHEEZ+Huddymonster =A5= Owning your soul!!!

PopEmUp4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Are you trying to say that all of the Ps2 owners plus x-box 360 owners want to own a ps3 man that is awesome

xhi44479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

that this is simply a demo of GT Prologue.

GT Prologue is aimed to be a 'full game'. Like a game of GT 5, kinda like how GT 4 Prologue was.

But it will have far fewer tracks, far fewer cars, far fewer features, no damage modeling, no weather system etc. It's mainly aimed for the driving fans and those who really really want GT 5 to be here now, so it's like lasting them until GT 5 comes out. The only added bonus of buying GT 5 Prologue, apart from the fun value and entertainment value, is so that you can start GT 5 off with a mad ass car.

But for the me, lol I'll just be waiting for GT 5.


----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

Free GT Prologue DEMO Oct 24th to wet fans tastes until the actual GT 5 Prologue comes out in December 13 for a price. Then GT 5 will every car, track, feature, damage modeling, weather system etc. will come out in 2008.

Hope that helps clear things up!

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stunt2134480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Yeah its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e!!!

MaximusPrime4480d ago

my comment to xbots?

"i told you so."

barom4480d ago

I think a lot of u guys are misunderstanding. This is GT5 Prologue DEMO. It's NOT the FULL VERSION of GT5 Prologue. Which a lot of people said would be free.

So don't jump around saying "I told you so" because you bummed a lot of people out. Including me at some point but I now know better than to listen to fools. Now I'm just happy I can get a free taste.

sjappie4480d ago

Nice to see that you're so happy you don't have to pay for the demo.

RunamukK4480d ago

you know on the comments section of the site you linked to someone says that this is actually just a free demo for prologue. I really hope that aint true!!

toughNAME4480d ago


read the article next time buddy

xplosneer4480d ago

Ah I see
A Demo For the Demo for the Full Game. Ha. Still, time to get my GT on.

Imalwaysright4480d ago

So ahhh .... its a demo of a demo????