More Nintendo Wii Bashing From CNET

CNET's The Digital Life has had it in for Wii for a while now, consistently calling the console a fad and predicting its demise.

"If Nintendo continues its stance as the fun alternative to other consoles, it will find itself in third-place once again for one reason -- third-party developers won't jump on the bandwagon," TDL asserts.

But Wii is successful exactly because it's the fun alternative to other consoles. And ever since it became clear that the sales aren't a fluke, third party devs have been running to the console in droves.

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WhEeLz4023d ago

To me..i just think the wii is a wuz awesome when i first played it, but then it gets boring and u want to play games that are better which are on 360 and ps3....srry wii owners im just stating my opinion

jaja14344023d ago

Yea I agree, but I guess it really comes down to what you use your console for.

The Wii is great for party games when you have a group of 5 or more and just want to do something silly.

The 360/PS3 are really great for those solo experiences, by solo I don't necessarily single player but playing either by yourself or with 2-3 other people, depending on the game of course.

In any case all 3 systems have their place in the world.

unsunghero284023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

People said the same thing about DS. In fact, Wii had throughout its lifespan thus far mirrored the DS in every single way, including an initial lack of great software. Then the great titles start pouring in and the Wii owners are in pretty good shape.

Unless that hardcore gamer happens to be a fan of Super Smash Bros.


WhEeLz4023d ago

you're right...but it wont be the system of choice for the average hardcore gamer

Kuest4023d ago

I am a hardcore gamer, and the WIi is very appetizing from my end of the spectrum (just got it). Why? Because its the system with Mario, Zelda, and all those other classic Nintendo characters. When did you start being "hardcore"? Chances are it began with Mario and Samus.

While Wii may not be the "compete" Next-Gen experience, it offers quite an experience nonetheless. And this is just after playing one game (Twilight princess- go get it)

Makroyale4023d ago

You can't deny that Zelda, Metroid, and Resident Evil are great games, and they still have Mario Galaxy coming.

The hardware is limited though, not having HD hurts...

That being said, for the 360, there aren't that many games I like, Bioshock, Gears of War, Orange Box and of course Halo. But those games look a helluva lot better than Wii games.

For the PS3 they just started getting games out there.

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Ri0tSquad4023d ago

I had it, hated it, sold it, and I still hate it.

americanGTA4022d ago

What did the Wii ever do to you? NOTHING! its a fun console. IF you hate it, seriously... FUK YOU!!!! Ok fine, I can see how you can say its not the best console out there, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO HATE IT!!!!! I hear people say, "bought it, hatted it, sold it, still hate it....IT SUCKS" Too all the people who said that... your an idiot. if you sold yours b/c you didnt like it, YOUR AN IDIOT!!!! I JUST GOT MINE TODAY, AND I HAD TO WAIT AN HOUR AND AN HALF BEFORE THE STORE OPENED... for heaven sake, it came out 11 months ago, and u still cant walk into the the store and just get one. I think it is really inovatiove with the new controls.... you can bet your ass, the next playstaion / xbox will have motion controls, and sound coming out of the controller.. I fcking love that controller...

unsunghero284023d ago

I have it, love it, keep it, and still love it.

Why it is that everyone so passionately flames Nintendo is a mystery to me, but I guess at this point I've had enough of it.

And @ 1.1, if you want a "solo" experience try Legend of Zelda or Metroid Prime 3. Those are some of the best games of the generation this far.

Everyone holds the Wii up to ridiculous standards- why?- because they really, really, don't like the idea that an underpowered little white box is giving their console of choice a run for their money. In reality Wii is a lot of fun, with some great out and upcoming AAA games.

And if you've played Wii Sports, that shouldn't be your only statement of opinion on the Wii when comparing it to Warhawk or Halo. If you don't try Metroid Prime 3 and Legend of Zelda then don't even try passing judgement on Wii.

jaja14344023d ago

For some reason I never really liked Metroid, but Zelda I did play/beat when I borrowed my friends Wii...that does not sound right...

Anyways Zelda is a fantastic game, hell I still have the SNES one( the best one in my opinion) and I am a huge, HUGE fan of Super Smash Brothers but I wouldn't consider SSB to be a solo thing so I guess that one doesn't count. But SSB maybe the reason I get one one day.

Ri0tSquad4023d ago

They always try something innovative but I guess the Wii isn't my cup of tea. Glad to see your enjoying it tho.

socomnick4023d ago

Reason we flame them is cause they no longer cater to us. They now cater to the soccer moms and seniors. If the wii had other non Nintendo games that were good I might reconsider it.

Almighty4023d ago

LOL, now i get why these f._u.c.king Gamespot morons always give bad reviews to Wii games, they and Cnet are partners!

WhEeLz4023d ago

ive couldve told you that

PopEmUp4023d ago

They are like brothers except M$ owned Cnet

cooke154023d ago

Yeah Gamespot has been very anti Wii lately.. i mean giving puzzlequest a 9.0 for 360 then giving metroid prime 3 an 8.5.. seriously now what the hell is that??

Iceman100x4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I wonder if this guy know nintendo is no.1 all over the world?

2 - wii sucks
I had it, hated it, sold it, and I still hate it.

Ps3 sucks, never will have it, if i did would have sold it, and would be very happy :)

crck4023d ago

PS2 is number 1 all over the world. Unless Nintendo has sold 108 million Wii's since I last checked PS2 is still number 1 and will still be number 1 for a long time to come.

Kuest4023d ago

Iceman is probably referring to THIS generation. Last generation is like so 4 years ago. Plus, Sony's revenue gained from the PS2 alone is beginning to saturate- so whether or not PS2 still holds the record for "most console served" does not affect Sony's future financial position. PS3 does, and as for now Wii is the #1 console.

Ju4023d ago

Boy, am I happy to play the NEXT generation :)

PopEmUp4023d ago

If I Got my x-box 360 back I would chuck it, smash it and dump it into the bottom of the ocean

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