MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC Launches Today [Europe]

PS Blog EU:

The timing of MotorStorm Apocalypse hasn’t exactly been ideal. I remember waking on the morning of the Friday, near the end of what was already a pretty heavy week gearing up for European release, switching on the news and being stunned. My first thought wasn’t for the game, but for our Japanese Producer and his family.

Just a short while after the devastation he emailed me to apologise for having to suspend the ongoing tests for MotorStorm! That sums him up, and his fellow countrymen – courageous, unflappable and so gracious, even in the face of such tragedy. It really put everything into perspective. We did the right thing when we decided to delay it.

Now that we’re available in Europe (and soon to be released in the US), it’s time to make good on our promises to everyone already playing the game and start unveiling some of our add-ons. I hate calling it ‘DLC’; it makes it sound like a spreadsheet template or something

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interrergator2744d ago

when does the us version come out

dangert122744d ago

What a rip off
Advice to anyone getting this DLC
play atleast 95% of your playing time on the game with this car to see a return in value but then you've lost value with the cars that came in the game

Sony have let me down big time its not a rare care at all your just blocking people from getting it a certain times trying to create a buzz

dead_eye2744d ago

I wouldn't complain. This is only for people who want to waste money on looks. they said that all the tracks would be free. The car doesn't change the game new tracks do.

B00M2744d ago

Why isn't it out in the US yet? I didn't even realise it was out here in the UK.

Raf1k12744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I bought mine last Friday but still haven't had time to play. Working 54 hours leaves me with hardly any free time.

edit: I agree with the guys below. It's a lot for one car. Should have been a pack of cars.

Keyop2744d ago

£3.99 for one car, no thanks...

BeckyLikesChocolate2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

thanks for leaving this out of the retail version to make me pay more money if i want it. since i know this i will not be buying your game. you wont miss my money much if at all but im making a stand against business practices like this, the dlc scam. its ridiculous how many people defend forking over more money for dlc that is really nothing more than content cut out of the retail versio or even locked on the disc itself to milk more money. no excuses for this no matter how you spin it

edit: and a little ***** disagrees just to be an ***hole. typical. seems like gamers are so weak bc we fight over who has the better console and garbage like that while the devs/pubs are laughing all the way to the bank. gamers, our hobby will continue to grow overly expensive if we dont stop being stupid and instead stick together as consumers by letting these money grubby devs/pubs know that we wont tolerate their bs

bumnut2744d ago

Im with you, fight the power!

jim2wheels2744d ago

Consider my agree heading your way. Gotta be some kind of wealthy idiot who disagrees.

For anyone who uses the argument that DLC is made in the months between submission and release, and therefore added to the disc at a later date. You are stupid. It never used to be that way before, so why now?

The recent Tiger Woods game had £129 (!!!) worth of DLC right after it launched. Unbelievable.

BeckyLikesChocolate2744d ago

@bumnut: lol we gotta stick together or we'll have to make down-payments on consoles and games theyll be so expensive(dont think itll go that far but it will get bad)

@jim2wheels: damn, thats just beyond greedy. it wasnt like this before so why is it like this now?...we do pay more money for retail copies to make up production cost and on to of that games are a multi-billion dollar industry now so the devs/pubs cant be starving

Sneak-Out2744d ago

5 Euro for One car oO Never ....

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