Sony: A History of Proprietary Media


"So the 3DS is out, it's in stores, and the early adopters have them in their hot little hands. And, in typical early adopter fashion, they're already tired of them and looking forward to the next thing. That would be the PSP2, assuming no one pulls a disastrous Saturn-style ploy at E3 this year. Details on the PSP2 are still a bit vague, only because Sony refuses to confirm most of the things we already know from what people who have touched it have told us, but one thing that hit the wires a while back was that Sony was planning to use a new proprietary media system.

So, for interested parties, what follows is a brief history of Sony's love affair with proprietary media. Some are wins, others are total failures. I tried to hit just the speaking points rather than nitpick incessantly on technical specs. Enjoy."

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Masterchef20072837d ago

I agree that the UMD was terrible for the PSP. The drive was noisy and ate battery life like junky with crack.

InLaLaLand2837d ago

Hopefully the NGP has internal memory or Pro Duo slots from the PSP. UMD games are pretty cheap compared to DS games these days.

Masterchef20072837d ago

I hope that you can use an SDHD card with the NGP becaus if that happens. I will buy a 16GB card chock full of media and enjoy all sorts of great content on the go with the handheld. The NGP will use memory cards but which type i really dont know.

coryok2837d ago

i didnt realize that ps3 helped bluray so much, good read

Masterchef20072837d ago

The PS2 did the same thing with DVD. People complained about the high price of the PS3 when it came out. But truth is that it helped the blueray industry a ton.

Just_The_Truth2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

really? it won the war. yeah it slowed the ps3 sales because of the price but they made it back by winning the war if it would have flopped the losses in research and development would have been drastic and the disc would have cost a lot more because the format had no revenue behind it. That's where MS truly lost they released the xbox360 early and cheap to capture the market but leaving out HDDVD was a bad idea it would have probably won for them. So sony taking the risk cost them a huge slice of the console wars but enabled them to win the format war i'd say fair trade.