PGR3 vs PGR4 Image Comparison

Side by side image comparison of PGR3 and PGR4 showing the direction in which Bizarre is taking their latest game in the Xbox 360 exclusive racing game series. Images were taken with the same camera on the same TV - with the same car, and on the same circuit.

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Jones Miller4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I can hardly tell any difference! All I know is that PGR4 is a ton of fun just like PGR3.

Edit: I meant I could hardly tell any difference in the screens presented. I know that PGR4 graphics wise is way better than PGR3. PGR4 PWNS IMO :)

power of Green 4484d ago

I wish I could take back the dissagree I wasn't even paying attention to "Hey man!", my bad.

stunt2134484d ago

does this mean that 360 has reach its full capacity????

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Well though I don't like PGR series I have to say that the floor looks better indefinitely . Lots more detail. The question is can they make it better again?


I believe it was a 360 game.

JsonHenry4484d ago

Was PGR3 an Xbox 360 game? (I don't care for racing games myself) But from the screen shots it would appear that the PGR4 game is much more detailed. Even the car seems to have more details and self shadows on it.

Leathersoup4484d ago

The thing to keep in mind though is that it was a release title. As such it can be assumed that it was was rushed to make the launch. That being the case they wouldn't have had time to refine their engine.
PGR4 is a lot of fun but I can't help thinking that the driving engine has changed. Perhaps to improve the car handling but when I watch my car in replays it seems to do weird things every once in a while.

DZNetworks4484d ago

If you cant tell the difference maybe you need glasses... obviously PGR4 has better graphics than its predecessor but the jaggies are more apparent too.

secret4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

The xbox360 cannot output hi-definition, despite the 720p and/or 1080p labels on their games. Let me explain what Microsoft is saying to you with those labels.

Before I get to that, I remind you that DVD-9 is primarily a standard definition disc, unlike hd-dvd or bluray discs. Otherwise, we wouldn't need hd-dvd or bluray players, which the xbox360 is neither.

In any case, when Microsoft is labeling their game as 720p or 1080p, they're not saying that the game is hi-def.

What they're saying is that the standard definition signal coming from the DVD-9 game disc will now work harmoniously, properly with a hi-definition monitor without causing any visual imperfections that will occur when you send a standard-defintion signal to a high-defintion television. (Most brand name high-definition televisions will have an internal scaler anyways).

I'm going to exaggerate, but this example will show you what is happening. They take a small 2" x 2" gum and then without adding any extra-fine hi-def details, they stretch (scale) that gum to fit the 4" x 4" gum holder / television size. But no details (pimples, hair, dirt, pebbles) were added. Everyone's been watching standard defintion movies, and they look really good. In fact, some games look more realistic when shown in standard definition under circumstances.

So, on the xbox360, a 720p or 1080p game would look identical on a hi-definition screen. That's because the signal source is always going to be standard definition. In one scenario, they're stretching that standard definition video to match the 720p size. But without adding any hi-def details like additional pimples or hairs. In the other scenario, they're taking the same standard definition video and strechting it proportionally to fit the 1080p television. Again, but without adding any hi-def details. They're not really stretching anything, but I think that word paints a clearer picture for your understanding. That's not what's really happening.

Whereas PS3 fanboys (and some xbox360 owners) have been comparing GT5 with real life images and cannot tell the difference at all, you're comparing and bragging that you can spot minute differences between a third / fourth generation title PGR4 and a first gen title PGR3 from the same developer on the same console. Goodness...

I'd like to point out here that Microsoft and you xbots have interfered with this genrations enjoyment of movie and gaming entertainment. Here are my reasons.

1) You won't let go of Universal or Paramount with your HD-DVD stubborness, and now all movie goers will have to either sit by the fence and wait for the format war to end, buy both bluray and hd-dvd players, or forgo one movie or another.

2) Because developers focus on developing for the xbox360 first and foremost at the moment and then force feed what's left over to the PS3, the graphical potential for this generation is being capped off at your xbox360's limitations. How would you feel if Microsoft released an HD-DVD drive gaming xbox360, but because developers know that there are more DVD xbox360 owners out there, they made MASS effect on the HD-DVD version identical to the DVD one?

And multiple discs might not resolve the graphics problem though. You can't add multiple discs to the PS2 architecture and hope that its graphics will look identical to the orginal xbox1. Storage capacity alone is only one issue. The power of the console is another. The Power of the Cell and how it uniquely works with the rest of the architecture is beyond anything the world has seen yet in gaming.

Play Ratchet & Clank until the end of the game on a well calibrated television (not those garish looking things on display at local store), and you'll see a glimpse like night and day between the xbox360 and the PS3, although I thought Grand Turismo 5 should have sealed the deal by now.

But in either case, competition keeps prices down at the very least. So be it.

Thank you for listening.

sjappie4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I've seen you spew this nonsense before, did you make all that up by yourself?
It doesn't matter if the disc is a hd format. A game is not read directly from the disc, the data is. The console has to render that data in hd or sd. The disc format has nothing to do with the end resolution of the game.
Go back to your lab and go work on your theories, you sound like a mad scientist.
Also, I don't understand why you have to start a GT rant, in a PGR3/PGR4 comparison, save it for the PGR4/GT comparison.

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power of Green 4484d ago

Cars have more effects in PGR4, the lighting is next-gen in PGR4 and the detail in PGr4 is far more advanced. These pics do not come close in sheding light on the diferences. One thing is for sure that you can see in these pics the detail is better in PGR4 the roads in PGR3 are pethetic in comparison.

Having both games and seeing them on a large HDTV you can see that ther is as much diferences in the over all detail in the environments as ther is in the roads in these pics.

BUM4484d ago

There is a much difference.

Bloodmask4484d ago

PGR4 is much more lifelike. And is much more detailed. It is especially noticable if you look at the street detail.

PGR3 is much more plain.

power of Green 4484d ago

LOL somebody dissagreed we own these games not the dissagree-ers.

DARK WITNESS4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

13 disagrees ! thats pushing it a bit.

The man posted his pick of PGR4 ingame, what is there to disagree with. he didn't even make a statement along with it, he just said here is my pick and people disagree....

some of the people on this site need help, real help....