Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do Review -IGN

More fun but less responsive than a barrel of (terrifying) monkeys.

Previously, the Carnival Games series appeared on Wii and DS but this is its first appearance on Xbox 360 and Kinect. In the first ten minutes of play, it's obvious that at last the series has landed on the proper platform. Monkey See, Monkey Do doesn't innovate much on Carnival Games' established formula and offers us many of the games we're familiar with: skee ball, a batting cage, a basketball challenge, and a milk jug knock-down, plus a few we'd probably never see. (It's doubtful any of us will ever mount a pig and ride it in a race or jump into a rollercoaster and try to catch gold coins as it speeds around the track.) What makes the game feel new and takes it up a notch from the previous versions is the Kinect's ability to approximate movement.

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