PlayStation Move Heroes – PS3 Review by Brash Games

Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and… erm… his wheelchair-bound sidekick all make an appearance, and their lines are as witty and comedic as ever. Of course, if, like me, you have never really liked the first party kids line-up that Sony has put out, then you’re not going to like this. There are plenty though, old and young, that might appreciate the colourful world and light-hearted nature of the game.

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Close_Second2747d ago

Too little too late. I was going to pick this up for my Son's birthday today but the less than positive reviews has forced me to spend my money elsewhere.

I hate the way they kill off franchises like this.

Quagmire2746d ago

Just curious, what DID you end up buying for your son?

And yes, I too am disappointed with this game. Tried the demo, deleted after 5 minutes. Aside from Sports Champion (a derivative rip off of wii sports yet accurate and fun to play), Sony hasnt really release any other core games for Move, aside for Move compatible games like Killzone and LBP and Sly. Here's to hoping Sorcery and Child of Eden dont fail. If so, im selling my Move set after just 2 months.

Close_Second2746d ago

Lego. Lots and lots of lego and a new bike.