Portal 2 now available for pre-load

If you simply must have Portal 2 on the day of its release and you plan on downloading it via Steam, you can breath easy and head on over now to start your download.

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Kran2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Shame I cant pre-load. I have to wait until my PS3 copy comes before I can play it. Im looking forward to seeing how Steamworks works.... Oh. That was odd to say... ;P

(Getting all 3 versions. I win :) )

plb2772d ago

Same here, may as well get the PS3 version if it comes with the PC version anyway.

cozmo1952772d ago

ALL 3 versions?

PC, Mac, PS3, 360

i count 4 :p unless you count PC&Mac as one

TABSF2772d ago

What yeah are saying is if you get:

PC version plus Mac version free.
Mac version plus PC version free.
PS3 version plus PC and Mac versions free.
360 version - you only get 360 version :/

I'm getting the PC version, would not play PS3 version and the PC version is £13 cheaper plus I know Valve is getting every penny coz I purchased on Steam XD.

a_bro2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

PC and mac count as one entity if you think about it. its on computer. the only difference is that it will work on different OS'.

TABSF2772d ago

Its fully pre-loaded can't wait.

Love you Valve, and you Steam :)

Are_The_MaDNess2772d ago

downloading now
its 9951,2MB of sweet awesomeness.
only 9281,2MB/1h left till its done downloading X/
now we just have to wait..............

Kran2772d ago

Did you have fun waiting? :)

Are_The_MaDNess2772d ago

i was sleeping till 5min ago XD
but it is still 6 days and 6h till we can play the game tho X/

Blacklash932772d ago

I wonder what's really happening on the 15th, then...

GamerSciz2772d ago

I have a PS3 and it's a neat idea to purchase it for that and get the PC for free but oh well. I know what I am doing when I get home from work. And where I shouldn't be when I am at work...

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