Homefront PS3 Patch Progress Report

Eric of writes:

"The Homefront team has been hard at work ever since it’s release to fix the many issues with online multiplayer. Yesterday we got a progress update for the PS3 patch and if everything works out the patch could be released very soon."

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theherp802773d ago

not sure if i care anymore. taking too long.

jut4202773d ago

word, already traded the game in a week ago

SeanScythe2773d ago

just fix the damn matchmaking and squad getting split-up into different rooms.

XIIIWARRIOR412773d ago

I really hope they fix this. I have Crysis 2 but haven't gotten to it yet because I love this game too much. I was able to play nicely yesterdsay except, I had like over 3 mid game freezes. Great games too but had to sign off because the last game was going pretty damn good until that moment. Also if I may say so, every time I logged in, I was taken to a game, so SONY is doing something right.

rrquinta2773d ago

I don't play these type of games, so maybe I missed it, but didn't they have a beta to test for issues BEFORE release? I mean, isn't that the point? It's nice that they're working to fix the problems, but it doesn't help those who bought early or decided to avoid the game due to the issues. :S

SeanScythe2773d ago

I don't remember any beta for this game and I followed it pretty well. Maybe I missed it if they did.

rrquinta2772d ago

Well then that might be the problem right there.

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