Is Windows 7 overtaking XP?

Figures released by StatCounter show Windows 7′s average daily share was 32.2% in April, compared to XP’s 30.7%; the first time Microsoft’s flagship OS surpassed the 10-year old Windows XP.

But what about gamers? According to Steam statistics for March, Windows 7 64-bit accounts for 36.77% of all Steam users. This is quite a bit more than XP can claim at 22.70%.

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ATiElite2743d ago

Yes! Windows 7 is pretty much WinXp 2 or what that crap vista should have been.

The Steam hardware survey shows that Gamers have embraced Win7 64 and mid range GPU's

Newtype2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

XP sucks compared to 7. 7 is basically a Vista patch.

ATiElite2742d ago

Sure Xp sucks compared to 7 but 7 is NO vista patch. I hated Vista with a passion and 7 is nothing like it. Hated Vista so much I never bought it and stuck with XP.

Vista was a RESOURCE HOG that did everything the long and inefficient way while 7 is more streamlined like XP but much more lighter.

just_looken2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

FYI windows xp has officially been dropped and win vista/7 are the same os's just that win7 fixes all the vista issues they could have just realised a service pack but instead the sold it as win7. also windows vista can run all windows software 2001-2011 win7 cant so i like windows vista.

Wikkid6662743d ago

I run Windows 7 at work and Windows Vista at home. Can't tell the 2 apart. Both look and run great.

So yes, Windows 7 is a Vista patch with a new marketing campaign A lot of people were turned off by Vista.

jp332742d ago

I agree. I have Vista x64 and haven't had any problems since the SP2 update. I'm even playing SShock2 and KOTOR on it and was surprised to hear that some people have trouble getting those older games to run.

I also like using the classic windows theme for my desktop and hated that with WIN.7 you have to use "start killer" to get the start buttom back.

But that's just me nit-picking is guess.

just_looken2742d ago

@jp33 i have played simcity4(2004) and im currently playing company of heroes (2006) on vista 0 issues we dont need win8/7 just vista service pack 3 fn ms

f7897902743d ago

Windows 7 is nice. When I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7, the start up time went from 4 minutes to 2 minutes. What it should have been in the first place.

mrv3212743d ago

2 minutes still seems long to me.

DoomeDx2743d ago

Get rid of that Pentiun II :D

ATiElite2742d ago

from the time i hit the start button to the time i'm actually on the internet including entering my password is 32 seconds.

you my friend need to upgrade your PC

firetaw2743d ago

its obvious that steam users have windows 7 as most PC gamers have upgraded there PC to play the latest games. with more support for drivers and best OS to take advantage of multicores. its not surprising.

Fishy Fingers2743d ago

Exactly, especially with recent games making a move to no longer supporting Dx9 (XP basically). Steam will give a jadded impression.

Still, most people would of updated their PC since XP and the OS along with it.

DelbertGrady2743d ago

Sure hope so. It's the best Windows since 3.11. Lulz.

protekjv2743d ago

I would think MS would stop supporting XP already.

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