Is PS3 Programming Really More Difficult?

This question has come up in GamePro and also on the new Sony (US) PS3 blog.According to Sony programming the PS3 can be more complex than the 360 but this is due to the Cell having more capabilities. This (sort of) matches what is said in the article and does seem to be a more general consensus.

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PimpHandHappy5001d ago

just lead to advancemments!

good read

SonySoldiers5001d ago

True! It's so advanced so that it can produce complex AI & physics at 60FPS and beyond. Viva la SONY.. arigato gozamasta!

Thanks to the incredible Sony Playstation 3! Sony's fans are the happiest gamers in the universe.


Real Gambler5001d ago

And most programmers are like most people, when they are used to one CPU, they like to stick with it. Switching to multiple cores (or cell) is scary for most of them.

YET, we have a new game on PSN right now that is a ONE MAN JOB. Everyday Shooter was all done by a single guy. Programming, music, art, etc. Is he a super genius? No, he just sat down and learned how to program the cell.

Luckily, he's not alone. Many great games are coming out. So eventually, more and more programmers will get used to the cell. In a few years from now, nobody will say it's hard to program. It will just be different.

ATLRoAcH5001d ago

Works differently then a standard computer processor.A standard processor
has to go through a lot more tasks to process info.The cell eliminates a lot of those tasks requiring less memory and that produces lightning fast processing.Because of this it makes programming for the cell different from all other processors which is where the learning curve comes in to play.

Enigma_20995001d ago

... new hardware always takes time to learn. This is nothing new.

Blitzed5001d ago

Its guys like you that made me invent a D!ck Dongle so all you fanboys can blow your consoles!

I am gonna be rich. I alraedy got preorders from The Mart, Bloodmask and Nasim. Jump In and really Play B3yond!!

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DarkArcani5001d ago

I agree. Very interesting read. Some jargon if your not a techy, but it still makes sense.

Both cpus are good gaming cpus, no doubt about that.

SofaKingReetodded5001d ago

they both do the job but the difference is that the 360 runs games as good as we have known them and the PS3 will run games as we envision them.

Daytona5001d ago

No wait, it's more like "The ps3 can play great games, but the Xbox 360 can produce great games that are great".

Please stop w/the ps3 is mightier than thow. Or this wait wait the ps3 will come into it's own, that's all we hear, just wait until........................

Gaming machines should have great games for it from day one, should they get better with time? Yes, of course but don't make excuses for it as with the ps3. It's a strugling machine to use/program for and games have suffered and that's mostly because of a lack of free memory to program with.

yes by the time the ps3 has been replaced by a ps4 if that ever happens, we'll see great games for it but by then why the hell shouldn't you see them. It seems about 4 years is needed to truly make a great ps3 games as w/KZ2 and MGS4 and even then there suffering in the development process and may have big weakness in actual game play.
Time will tell and oh boy will it tell.

Will sony use an advanced cell in it's PS4?? If they do they better make it a unified arch. and enable user friendly memory flows, other wise same problems again.

Ok, sony fans, go ahead Make excuses now.

Ju5001d ago

The shared memory is not the problem. It simply the amount you cannot balance between the RSX and the CPU. If you need more general purpose RAM (for your code), you can't. Not the texture memory or what not, the RSX can fetch textures from XDRAM. 512MB XDRAM could have simply solved this problem.

But, it will never be enough. At the time you have a machine with more RAM, you will want to use 150% again. That's just how it is. (well, maybe there is a threshold which would works, like 2Gigs or so). But it does not mean, that you can't get the thing work with 256 if you use a different approach. Its just very convenient to use the memory (as an excuse and) to fill it up with data to have 'em handy. Streaming (or paging) could solve that, but needs some thinking. You need to know what you need quickly and what you can load "interleaved". Well, we SW people still get payed pretty good. I think that has a reason, too. Use your brain.

demolitionX5001d ago

You are always informative and helpful. I wish to hear from 360 , someone who talks scientifically unbiased, not just stupid BS.

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Bathyj5001d ago

I dont know, lets ask Media Molecule with their team of under a dozen who have never made a commercial game why they can do it, but a colossus juganaught like EA cant.

Makes you think some spread themselves out to thin.

Jack of all trades, Master of none.

felman875001d ago

didn't media molecule make kung-fu chaos or something? We should ask them about that.

WAR_MACHINE775001d ago

no Ninja Theory made that game back when they were Just Add Monsters

Genki5000d ago

You're thinking of Rag-doll Kung-fu for PC, that was MM's claim to fame before LBP.

felman875001d ago

Holy ****in old article

ATLRoAcH5001d ago

But I seen it in the tips (thanks feejo) and thought that after that assassin's creed article it was an appropriate read. Not only is this article good but the whole site has a lot of information on it. With a name like I guess thats what one should expect.

kss5001d ago

is the ps3 is more complex thab that piece of cow dung?

yes it is because its better people.