Bulletstorm "Gun Sonata" DLC Now Available

Bulletstorm ended up being one of our favorite titles of Q1 2011, so naturally we’re very excited that the experience has expanded today. The first pack, Gun Sonata, was released this morning for the hilariously insane first person shooter by the good people over at People Can Fly and Epic.

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Kran2744d ago

Im surprised by Epic and EA. Most details of any DLC are leaked right away of like the maps or the price or the release date.

This DLC had nothing leaked. Epic and EA are being extremely careful... except with DLC 2 where the achievements are already revealed for it ;P

BShea2744d ago

Agreed. We knew it was coming, but not a whole lot was known about it. They did a good job keeping this one kind of under wraps.

ComboBreaker2744d ago

I would have thought there would be more comments on this article about BulletStorm.

I guess no one bought BulletStorm?