Paramore Leads 3 New Track Packs onto Guitar Hero Music Library

GPT: "It is slowly getting warmer outside, but living room rock stars will be heating things up quickly this April with the announcement of three new downloadable Track Packs for Activision's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and the Guitar Hero music library. Available now and featuring music from artists such as GRAMMY Award nominees Paramore, alternative rock staples Middle Class Rut and Madina Lake, and melodic death metal legends Darkest Hour, these new downloadable offerings are sure to satisfy fans' musical appetites."

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VG_Releaser2749d ago

I want a downloable Hayley Williams.

Raichu502749d ago

Hayley Williams is an ugly ginger

Quagmire2749d ago

Its not like you could get with her if you had the chance

Ravenor2749d ago

Paramore is a crappy Religo band. Pass and pass even more on the vocalist, she has no talent either.

Ravenor2749d ago

They each don't thank god in the album sleeve and cite Jesus as a major influence. The lyrics aren't a huge pile of more religious shit. Writing lyrics that lean entirely on how you want to suck Jesus off only works when your fanbase either enjoy pantomiming sucking Jesus off or just don't listen to lyrics.

LightofDarkness2749d ago

And people say the music game genre is dying! This is just the jump-start Guitar Hero needs to get back into our living rooms and into gamers' hearts. Paramore are so amazing and talented, any true music fan must be foaming at the mouth to finally jam to these stalwarts of modern music and it's ever apparent ability to rejuvenate itself and pump out incredibly original and totally new music.