Gamers Should 'Be Proud Of EA's Quality Commitment

NowGamer: Industry watcher Jesse Divnich thinks EA deserves credit for the way it handled problems with its NBA games...

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dangert122750d ago

Why should we be proud this should be normal for all companies, i like EA games but there becoming more and more of putting as there starting to stick a price nearly everywhere, it feels like they would let you pay for the game at the shop and when you open the case you have to swipe your debit card and pay more to take the game out the box there money making ploys are so blatent its of putting

Stevo912750d ago

We should be proud that they always find a way to fk up games? just look at what they done to FIFA 11 worst servers for a game i think i have ever seen and still no fix yeah i applaud the fact that you dont fix your games *clap* *clap*

firefoxprime2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Give me a sweet port of Burnout3:Takedown for the 3DS, and then we'll talk ;)

Madden? whats that?

skyward2750d ago

Businesses are ruthless, so it's commendable not to go the lazy, profitable route - I agree though, it should be normal

AssassinHD2750d ago

I am proud of my daughter every time she brings home a good test score. You can be proud of things that are expected as the norm. Positive reinforcement is a powerful thing.

hougigo2750d ago

That they also close down servers of their games? Fight night Champion online is shit and the fact that you can pay to be better is stupid

Senden2750d ago

Quality commitment? WTF? I buy Fifa off them each year and the amount of bugs I find is crazy. Most of which go unfixed for months on end. Last year's manager mode had so many little errors it was beyond a joke. This year fifa clubs was practically unplayable for the first two weeks.

So tell me, what bloody quality commitment? EA set a release date and stick to it regardless of the quality of the product. Their post release patch support is minimal too with very little going into actually finishing their product bug free.

archemides5182750d ago

their "quality commitment" is total PR garbage and hype, all lies to dupe more people into buying their garbage.

imgnku2750d ago

fk EA!

i bought FNround4
and after a week
i cant do body blows. my char just jerks, again no fix.

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The story is too old to be commented.