2K Sports kill servers for NBA 2K12, College Hoops 2K8 and NHL 2K10

2K Sports seems to have pulled the plug on its old online servers. Users playing All-Pro Football 2K8, NHL 2K10, College Hoops 2K8 and the year-old NBA 2K12 multiplayer have noticed a lack of online support across the last three weeks.

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Yi-Long4114d ago

... pulling the online MP from a game that's only a year old.

The box says it has an online MP mode, and I'm sure people are still playing 2k12 online (probably many people who aren't enthusiastic about the whole Jay-Z layer they vomitted over the game), so they should keep supporting the online MP mode for years to come.

Lvl_up_gamer4114d ago

I agree. 1 year is to short. The other gams I can understand since 08 is almost 5 years ago and as for their NHL title....well EA took them out of that genre with EA's NHL series.

Shutting down the servers is going to reduce their overhead costs so I see why as a business standpoint. I read that 2k won't be doing MLB titles anymore as well so expect MLB 2k12's servers to shut down in the year to come.

It's bad enough that we sports fans buy a new sports game every year with minimal changes other then the rosters....now we have no choice if we want to keep older titles to play online. Things like this will lead to more pirating of sports games. Nobody want to be forced to pay $60 for a game and then have the servers shut down a year later giving you no choice but to buy the next $60 game. People are going to look for other ways around having to pay full price for a new game because their money for the current game didn't stretch out for more then a year.

NYC_Gamer4114d ago

That is real cheap on the part of 2K sports..I'm sure many people enjoyed playing 2K12 online and it just came out last year...

bubblebeam4114d ago

Why is this not illegal? When are games going to be treated seriously by the law? If this happened with anything else, people would be up in arms wanting blood.

I think the only fair thing to do is that when people buy these games, included in the sticker price is a bond. After the servers shut down, 2K (in this case) have to pay them the bond back, whether it be bank deposit or game credits.

I think next-gen developers are going to be doing this to many more games. It basically forces you to buy the newer one. Why people still buy these games is outstanding. Have they no freaking morals?

Psychotica4114d ago

Not sure but I think the back of the box says they can disable the online part anytime..

DeadlyFire4114d ago

I was going to buy 2k12 this year and play it online haha.

I think one year is absurb. The typical console server shutdown is 2 years, but hey on PC I can run my own server for any game anytime.

Psychotica4114d ago

So keep this in mind if you are thinking about buying 2K13..

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ninjabake4179d ago

Short answer:no

Long answer: If they add enough to the game where its not identical to last years iteration and adds must have features to the games that make it more in depth (I.e. NBA 2K13, MLB 12 The Show, NHL 13) then absolutely. If its almost rinse and repeat and has a barrage of new features that almost get overshadowed by what was taken out from previous iterations then no.

spektical4179d ago

in most cases no.

However there are games that provide tons of new content yearly (besides team updates , obviously). Mlb the show, nhl and to a lesser extent nba2k13 are prime examples

TheShow174179d ago

I agree with you guys. NHL and The Show switch it up every year, which is solid. Madden goes back and forth between offense and defense orientation.

The problem is that it's difficult to change the video game when the actual game remains stagnant. Football is football, what can EA change in the gameplay? The thing that really annoys me, is the same bad commentary year after year. COD gets a lot of crap for being the same game YoY, but at least it's an upgrade and different levels. I buy Madden every year, and literally the commentary hasn't changed in three years!

ninjabake4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Madden is a whole nother beast. They simply don't capture the essence of the NFL the way their very own studio captures college ball in NCAA Football. Madden added some nice things this year but to me its overshadowed by what they took out of franchise mode, still no halftime show and still no post game show. Overall Madden just doesn't create that illusion or immersion the way NHL, The Show or NBA 2K does.

When you play those other games sometimes you can mistake it for a real life broadcast and others unfamiliar with gaming watching you play could easily make that mistake of thinking its real at first glance as well.

With Madden they just refuse to fully commit to replicating a broadcast and that'd be OK if we had an alternate NFL, or heck any football, game. But we don't and Madden 13 still is not up to par with NFL 2K5, an 8 year old LAST gen game smh.

Edit: when it comes to the commentary they have improved it this year but as always the play-by-play Guy (Jim nantz) gets repetitive and dull especially after a few years into connected career mode and he's still rambling on about the 2012 season storylines. I think the issue with the commentary is it isn't dynamic and is shortsighted and the script is a little stale as you'll still here Nantz spout similar lines as past commentators.

Finding a way to add dynamic commentary in sports games could be huge next gen.

donscrillinger4178d ago

i didnt read the Article but Hell NO!! its not SMART ,its lazy and Stops Innovations