IGN: Uncharted, Resistance and More: It's PlayStation Week

IGN: "If you've been waiting for the latest news and info on Sony's biggest titles of 2011, the wait is over. All this week, IGN will be jam-packed with PlayStation 3 and PSP previews, reviews, videos and screenshots from games such as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and many more.

Think that's it? It isn't. IGN is working on a bunch of other reviews and features on PlayStation exclusives and non-exclusives alike, but we're not ready to spoil everything for you just yet. Keep it here for the latest."

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LOGICWINS2749d ago

Infamous 2 is gunna be sooo freakin sick!

Troll_Police2749d ago

IGN: Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal, Socom 4, and more: It's PlayStation Year.


Kinetix2749d ago

Yes for UC3, SOCOM 4, and twisted metal. Rest are meh.

Prcko2749d ago

day 1 all ps3 exclusive titles,multiplat gonna w8 for few years!!!

Convas2749d ago

It's a delicious time to be a gamer. And a not so delicious time to be a gamer's finances ...

user83971442749d ago

Resistance 3 is my most anticipated than its uncharted 3.

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