A Hacker’s Shady Start

"George "Geohot" Hotz wanted to crack the PS3—so he did, and infuriated Sony. He's become a target, globetrotter, and spectacle. But before? He was little tech-inept deviant." -Sam Biddle

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Anon19742747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Hotz didn't "crack" the PS3. He followed the work of other hackers, did what they did and just went one step farther in publishing the code that the other hackers wouldn't, then went on TV about it - like he always does. "I'm a hacker! Put me on the BBC! Sure I know this will enable Piracy, but I don't condone Piracy so it's ok!"

I really wanted to see Sony nail this joker to the wall. If he was so innocent and so righteous, why did he settle? Get a real job. And "Attention Whore" isn't an actual job, although it pays for South American vacations apparently.

xer02747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I don't think these bloggers/reporters care. To them - Hotz is their darling. So long as they post a story about him - it'll keep generating traffic to their sites.

But I honestly think people are bored with this case now.

And just to add, the hackers - including Hotz would never have, had the chance to crack the PS3 until someone within Sony leaked the key.

If it wasn't for that incident... things wouldn't have come this far.

Kingdom Come2747d ago

Can we all just stop approving stories about this piece of trash? I'm sick of seeing his ugly mug plastered all over the home page. I'm managing to loose interest in a topic I already had low interest in. The settlements been made, its over...

Acquiescence2747d ago

Apparently as a young kid, GeoHot had an affinity for fiddling about with technology - WHAT A F**KIN' SURPRISE!

Please, the case is over, enough with this dweeb. Let him crawl back into whatever scum filled hole he emerged from and let us never hear of him again. His 15 minutes are up.