PS3Vault Review: Dynasty Warriors 7

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been one of the most productive and well received in the hack and slash genre. The latest addition, Dynasty Warriors 7 adds a few notable differences; however does it finally make the proper leap to this generation? Or is it just another mediocre experience? Hit the break for our verdict.

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ScentlessApprentice72745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

you can't survive God of War just using weak, horizontal attacks. You also have to utilize your vertical attacks, your strong attacks, your magic, and your abilities...

So basically what I'm trying to convey is that your attempt at being a smart a$$ was pretty weak.

Ares842745d ago

That isn't such a bad thing though. Sometimes after a 12 hours shift you just want to get home, eat, take a shower and beat up as many enemy soldiers as possible. Hahaha, good stress relief.

AhmadCentral2745d ago

This game is much more than that. Play it before bashing it.

Thats like saying in Killzone all you do is hold down R1 to win

InfiniteJustice2745d ago

DW has always done one thing right: easy to play, hard to master. In DW7 there are so many nuances in switch attacks and EX attacks. If you know your character, you can essentially pull of infinite combos.

Square forever is when you're playing beginner... and enjoy being really boring.

Sidology2745d ago

Square forever was how I beat Dynasty Warriors Gundam on the hardest difficulty.

krazykombatant2745d ago

I played maybe 4 when the 360 was release at first, it is a nice game if you just wanna do mindless combat and be an awesome badass. But seriously who still buys these games.

AhmadCentral2745d ago

This one improves a lot on previous games. Its much better than the previous ones tbh. Other reviewers have been giving this around 7 or 8/10.

Its popular in Japan and UK. They still buy it.

InfiniteJustice2745d ago

Popular enough in the UK to break the top 10. First time ever for a DW game and well deserved of DW7 imo. One of the best games I've played this year despite there being so many great titles

CalBearFan2745d ago

MetaCritic has it chalking up in the mid fifties so I'd say the general consensus is take your money elsewhere...