PlayStation Store Preview – April 12, 2011

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section.

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NJShadow2839d ago

Come now, surely we could have used the Fight: Lights Out demo back when the Move first launched. Unless of course Sony wasn't confident enough with the game for a demo. Hm...

ftwrthtx2839d ago

Maybe they are hoping for a quick pick-me-up on sales of the title.

Liefx2839d ago

That game is amazing. Great workout because unlike the Wii you actually gotta move around.

NJShadow2839d ago

I have heard of folks that play it on a nightly basis for a workout. It's supposed to be quite good in that respect.

dragon822839d ago

Looks like a pretty weak lineup this week.

ftwrthtx2839d ago

The free Killzone 3 map pack for PlayStation Plus subscribers doesn't look weak, but the rest does

ftwrthtx2839d ago

Free is my favorite price range :-)

dragon822839d ago

I agree the free map pack is nice but that will probably be the only thing I download which makes this a pretty weak update.


K3 Maps and Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
Pretty much makes an awesome content update in the store.

dragon822839d ago

Only if you are interested in Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. I am also pretty much over Killzone 3 at this point so I probably wont even play the maps much.

Taggart4512839d ago

I've been waiting for Might & Magic early last year. AWESOME!

Sev2839d ago

I'm a huge fan of Capybara Games. It'll be great.

decimalator2839d ago

Yeah, me too. I might have to pick it up

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The story is too old to be commented.